Watercolor Painting Tutorial: Succulent Wreath, Part One

Welcome everyone! I’m starting out today with the first part of a wee little watercolor tutorial. I created a succulent wreath with watercolors, and this video shows the very first steps on how to paint one. It’s super simple and you can do it, too!


The video is a little long, as I’m just starting to figure out how to even do these, haha so BEAR with me!

I am going to be posting the second video shortly so that you can see how to complete the design.

The tools I used:

  • Watercolor Paint – I use a Winsor & Newton Palette of half pans of paint, here is a good beginner set

  • Round Watercolor brushes (large and small), I like Princeton Artist Brand or Davinci Series, sizes 8, 5 and 0 for the tiniest details

  • For economy watercolor paper I always use Canson XL series paper. Because I’m going to scan and use this watercolor digitally, the quality of the paper isn’t super important. If you’re creating something you want to preserve and hang the original of, I recommend Arches paper, which is pricier but archival in nature.

  • Water jar and paper towel for dabbing :)

So, again - sorry for the rambling and often times slow tutorial - I'm working on bettering this and I hope a year from now I will be epically embarrassed by the quality of this video!

Stay tuned for more tips on watercolor painting and designing and maybe some insight on using my designs to decorate your home or baby's nursery. Find some of my prints for sale using this watercolor succulent design and more in my Etsy shop!

Wanna share your attempts to create your own watercolor succulent wreath with me? Tag me on instagram @the_watercolor_baby or @mariabpaints

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Roses and Woodland Nursery themed Decor

My latest artwork features some woodland animals and their delicate pink rose crowns. I really love the way the pinks and yellows go with the soft natural tones of the animals I've chosen for these watercolor digital prints. Observe:


Don’t they look sweet together? I really love how the rabbit and deer are looking out and the wolf is doing it’s thing, howling at the moon. I’ve used soft earth tones for each animal with a plain, white background. There are watercolor specks splattered in pinks, greens and yellows to tie in the colors from the floral crowns.

I’ve put together a Pinterest Board that features some other items that might go well in a nursery themed with forest creatures and soft pink florals. Here’s a quick peek of some of the other items I have on there:


I love the idea of the light pinks and greens and grays, paired with some subtle forest features like the deer antler lamp and stuffed animals. Pressed wild flowers also add a touch of the outdoors to a muted pink or beige wall. If you want to go all out a floral wall paper accent wall is a great touch as well!

You can purchase my woodland animal nursery prints as a set or individually in my Etsy print shop. Another great idea is a monogram of baby’s first initial with the same rose motif and I’m adding those to my shop, too. I will be adding different styles of initial monograms over the coming weeks, but for now the rose motif is the star – look:


If you’re looking for a specific piece of art to print out for your baby’s wall or to add to your home decor, message me and I’ll see what I can do! See you next time